Shenzhen Yaxiang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Yaxiang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
Freight Forwarder Shipping Company
Freight Forwarder Shipping Company

Why Asiafly

Freight Forwarder Shipping Company

Shenzhen Yaxiang International Freight Agency Co., Ltd. is a well-established company specializing in international express and cargo transportation services, with a strong focus on the China to Brazil logistics route. Committed to integrity and service excellence, the company has earned acclaim from various businesses and institutions. Operating in both Shenzhen, China, and São Paulo, Brazil, it boasts seasoned customs clearance and transportation teams, facilitating professional services like Brazilian postal parcels and single-item dispatch. With a 500-square-meter warehouse in São Paulo, they offer comprehensive logistics support to cross-border e-commerce, including warehousing, sorting, packaging, quality control, and overseas customer service.

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  • One Goal

    One Goal

    Strive for Survival and Strength

  • Two Aspirations

    Two Aspirations

    Build the ''ASIAFLY'' brand, Create limitless value for ''Yaxiang International''

  • Three Principles

    Three Principles

    Dedication and Practicality, Steady Progress, Unyielding Tenacity

  • Dedication and Practicality

    Dedication and Practicality

    Dedication and practicality are the cornerstones of ASIAFLY's success. Emphasizing efficiency as the sole standard for evaluating all work, we regard customer feedback as the final verdict on our performance and base our decisions on objective facts.

  • Steady Progress

    Steady Progress

    Centered around our goals, we steadily progress, avoiding complacency. We advance in stages, focus on distinctive development, and accumulate small victories toward greatness, always striving for survival and strength.

  • Unyielding Tenacity

    Unyielding Tenacity

    Difficulties drive progress, challenges are opportunities for growth, and tenacity ensures success. We fear no hardships, never speak of surrender, and remain unwavering and resolute, persevering through every obstacle.

Our Philosophy

  • Service Philosophy

    Service Philosophy

    Our corporate services are based on ''safety, speed, and convenience,'' and we uphold the belief that ''your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit''.

  • Space Philosophy

    Space Philosophy

    Create a space for employees to grow! Create a quality space for customers! Expand profit space for the enterprise! Develop space for the brand!

  • Business Philosophy

    Business Philosophy

    In different stages of development, with various partners, and targeting different customer goals, we provide excellent service quality, enhance the brand value of the enterprise, and pursue "broader, faster, more convenient" services. Keeping pace with the times and becoming China's most trusted international courier brand is an unwavering goal for the company.

Our Business Model

  • Unified Decision-Making
    Unified Decision-Making
  • Standardized Governance
    Standardized Governance
  • Hierarchical Management
    Hierarchical Management
  • Flexible Innovation
    Flexible Innovation

Our Team

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Asiafly Team
Asiafly Team
Asiafly Team
Asiafly Team
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