Shenzhen Yaxiang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Yaxiang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.


  • What is 3PL Fulfillment?

    3PL Fulfillment is an outsourced solution provided by professional warehousing and delivery companies, offering services such as storage, picking, packaging, and other functions tailored to retail/consumer needs.

  • What is the difference between 3PL and 4PL?

    The simple distinction between the two is that 3PL handles your goods, while 4PL manages your entire supply chain.

  • What are the costs of 3PL?

    Charges, rates, and fees will vary depending on the specific requirements of the task. For instance, you may work at a rate of AUD 30-50 per hour, covering the number of employees needed for receiving, storing, and handling goods. At Yaxiang, we have various cost models, including unit costs as a forward direction.

  • What are the benefits of using 3PL for companies?

    The immediate benefit of moving to Asiafly is that customers can have 3PL solutions tailored specifically to their needs, providing flexibility and scalability.

  • Can you use my branded packaging?

    Yes, at Asiafly, we start building the 3PL experience from the ground up and can accommodate any new customer's branding needs.

  • Can I access your 3PL warehouse to check inventory?

    Yes, Asiafly's free warehouse management plan allows all customers to have a virtual warehouse experience.