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Shipping Fulfillment

Australia Fulfillment Process

  1. Goods Arrival: Goods arrive at the warehouse.

  2. Unboxing and Inspection: Depending on the type of goods, an inspection is conducted to ensure that the order channel is correct. Sensitive items like wooden products may require photographs to be sent to the customer service team. Prohibited items such as cigarettes and drugs are strictly prohibited from being shipped.

  3. System Warehousing: The dimensions and weight of the goods are accurately entered into the system using the Asiafly Fulfillment ID.

  4. Label Replacement: After the forecasting team completes their forecasting, the shipping label is replaced in the system. This includes pasting the appropriate air or sea freight labels. The labels must be affixed neatly to the outer packaging.

  5. Internal Transfer: Goods from different channels are sorted and transferred to the regional branch office for shipment. Attention is paid to reinforcing the outer packaging to prevent damage during transit. The recipient's name and contact information at the branch office are affixed to the outer boxes. Upon receipt at the branch office, the goods are checked, and the transfer is scanned into the system.

  6. System Shipment: Goods planned for specific flights or containers are scanned out of the system. Data is audited to ensure accuracy.

  7. Container Loading and Delivery: For sea freight, the goods are loaded into containers in the specified order, with attention to container numbers and seals. Multiple items for self-pickup are placed together if possible, and customs items are loaded towards the rear. Care is taken to avoid damaging the shipping labels. For air freight, after verifying the item count, the goods are handed over to the airline.

  8. Goods Departure from Warehouse: Goods are ready to leave the warehouse.

This process outlines the steps involved in handling goods within the Asiafly Fulfillment system, from arrival at the warehouse to departure for shipment, while ensuring compliance with shipping regulations and quality control.

Brazil Fulfillment Process

  1. System Order: Efficiently manage and process orders through our advanced system, ensuring accurate and timely order fulfillment.

  2. Clearance of Goods: Handle all customs clearance processes to ensure the smooth and legal importation of goods into Brazil, minimizing delays and complications.

  3. Delivery and Transshipment: Provide reliable delivery services and transshipment options to efficiently move goods within Brazil, reaching their final destinations promptly.

  4. Warehouse Packing: Expertly pack and prepare goods for shipping to ensure they are secure and ready for safe transportation.

  5. Goods Crossing the Port: Manage the movement of goods through ports, facilitating their entry into the country and onward distribution.

  6. Transshipment Clearance: Handle all necessary customs and clearance procedures for goods in transit, ensuring compliance with regulations.

  7. Operation Warehousing: Efficiently manage warehousing operations, including inventory management, storage, and order processing.

  8. Trunk Arrangement: Organize and optimize the transportation of goods via trunk routes to reach various destinations across Brazil.

  9. Bayou Delivery: Offer delivery services to remote and less accessible areas, ensuring goods reach customers no matter where they are located.

  10. Scan Outbound: Implement scanning and tracking systems for outbound shipments to provide real-time visibility and monitoring of goods in transit.

  11. Flight Landing: Facilitate the import and export of goods via air transport, managing the logistics and customs procedures associated with flight arrivals.

Asiafly Fulfillment in Brazil combines these services to provide a comprehensive and efficient fulfillment solution tailored to meet the unique logistics needs of businesses operating in the Brazilian market.

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