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3PL Fulfillment Warehouse

Asiafly's 3PL Fulfillment Warehousing Services are an outsourced solution provided by professional warehousing and delivery companies, designed to meet the needs of both retail and consumers. We offer a wide range of services, including goods storage, order picking, packaging, and catering to various retail and consumer demands.

Unlike 4PL, 3PL primarily handles your goods, while 4PL encompasses the entire supply chain. The costs of 3PL services vary depending on the specific task requirements and are typically charged at an hourly rate ranging from 30 to 50 Australian dollars. This rate includes the cost of labor and necessary warehousing and handling expenses. At Asiafly, we offer various cost models, including unit costs, to meet the unique needs of different clients.

Using Asiafly's 3PL services provides numerous benefits, including tailored solutions based on customer requirements, along with flexibility and scalability. We can also incorporate your brand packaging preferences upon request, ensuring your products have a distinct appearance in the market. Furthermore, we grant clients access to our 3PL warehouse, allowing them to inspect inventory. We also offer a complimentary warehouse management plan, enabling clients to experience the functionality of a virtual warehouse. These services are designed to provide convenient and customized 3PL solutions to our clients.

Australia Warehouse Service

The services provided by the Australian overseas warehouse mainly include FBA returns and relabeling, bulk transit, single-item dispatch, and value-added services.

  • FBA Returns and Relabeling:

Amazon sellers are aware that returned products are often categorized as unsellable, leading to potential losses. To address this, Amazon sellers collaborate with Australian overseas warehouses to receive returned items. These items are then relabeled and repackaged before being reshipped for resale on Amazon, reducing potential losses. Additionally, if sellers encounter account issues that prevent them from selling, they can use the Australian overseas warehouse's return and relabeling service to relist their products under a different Amazon account.

  • Bulk Transit:

For Australian Amazon sellers, first-mile logistics has always been a challenge. While air freight is fast, it can be costly, and sea freight offers lower prices but raises concerns about shipping times and logistics delays. By using the Australian overseas warehouse for bulk transit, sellers can proactively prepare inventory in third-party warehouses in Australia via sea freight and then transfer goods to platform warehouses based on their store's sales performance. This model eliminates the need for sellers to rent additional warehouses, allows them to serve multiple platforms from a single warehouse, and helps avoid high logistics costs and shipping delays during peak seasons.

  • Single-Item Dispatch:

The Australian overseas warehouse's single-item dispatch service enables cross-border sellers to ship directly from a local Australian warehouse, leveling the playing field with local Australian stores and increasing the exposure of their products. This service also accelerates delivery times, allowing buyers to receive their orders within 1-3 days of placing them, enhancing the shopping experience, and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

  • Value-Added Services:

As seller demands grow, Australian overseas warehouses offer an increasing array of value-added services. These services include product disposal, packaging replacement, repackaging, product inspection, palletization, inventory counting, photography/videography, and return to the seller's home country, among others.

Why Use an Australian Overseas Warehouse?

  • Cost Savings

Using an Australian overseas warehouse can save sellers time and effort while improving the efficiency of goods transportation.

  • Fast Delivery

Overseas warehouses can facilitate local delivery, allowing for quick and efficient shipping through local couriers.

  • Safety and Reliability

Professional warehousing services ensure the safety of goods.

  • Diverse Services

These warehouses offer a range of logistics services, including first-mile transportation, local delivery, customs clearance, and customer service, catering to various needs.

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