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What is Australian Special Line Logistics?

Australian Special Line Logistics mainly refers to a logistics model where goods are centralized, sorted, and loaded domestically, then transported to Australia on direct flights, and finally delivered to their destinations through collaborating logistics partners. Australian Special Line Logistics is known for its speed, cost-effectiveness, and high security. It is suitable for shipping high-value items with strict time requirements, and in most regions, there is no additional fee for remote areas.

What is International Special Line?

International Special Line refers to an international freight forwarding network established between different countries and regions, specializing in international freight forwarding services. Under this model, sellers can directly send goods to the destination country, and local international freight forwarding companies deliver the goods to the specified destination within that country.

In practice, International Special Lines typically include international express, air transportation, sea transportation, and local customs clearance and delivery services. Among these, international express services offer the fastest delivery time but come with the highest costs. Air transportation is usually used for direct international shipping, while sea transportation is known for lower costs but longer delivery times. Local customs clearance and delivery refer to having local customs clearance companies handle delivery within the destination country. This approach can reduce sellers' logistics costs and ensure timely delivery to the destination.

Australian Sea Freight

Sea freight offers fast delivery and high security but carries some risks, such as delays due to long port waiting times, port congestion leading to delayed sailing schedules, and unforeseen maritime events causing extended shipping times.

Due to Australia's unique geographic location, sea freight to Australia is generally faster than to other countries. It is also the most commonly chosen shipping method for cross-border e-commerce sellers.

As we know, Australia has a sparse population and relatively scarce resources, particularly in terms of freshwater resources. Therefore, logistics costs in Australia are generally higher than in other countries. When choosing Australian Special Line Logistics, cross-border e-commerce sellers need to consider various factors.

  • Sea Freight Routes:




All use COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Group) for stable shipping schedules, with shipments departing weekly and delivery completed in approximately 20-30 working days.

Australian Air Freight

There are two methods of air freight: direct flights and transshipment through a third country. If sellers choose to fly directly from China to Australia, the goods will be delivered by local logistics companies upon arrival at an Australian airport.

  • Air Freight Routes:






All use direct flights, with three flights per week. Goods depart on the same day as the flight and undergo customs clearance for delivery on the same day.

Customs Clearance and Clearance

a. Customs Clearance Model:

  • For air freight products: KJ3 or 9610 model for high efficiency, fast processing, and low inspection risk.

  • For sea freight products: Generally, standard trade model, cooperation with high-quality customs clearance companies in the industry, dedicated personnel for document review, low inspection rates.

b. Clearance Model:

Both air and sea freight products use the e-commerce single-item customs clearance model for pre-clearance, reducing inspection risks and maintaining low inspection rates. We have our own customs clearance license, customs-supervised warehouses, and inspection and quarantine qualifications.

Interstate Transport

We have more than 400 of our own trucks, providing interstate transportation services between SYD, MEL, BNE, ADL, and more. We offer daily departures, ensuring same-day delivery between states.

Last 1-Kilometer Delivery

We have our own last-mile delivery accounts, including AUPOST, FASTWAY, TOLL, TNT, and others. We can meet delivery needs throughout Australia without additional special fees.

  • AUPOST: Australia Post, the official channel with nationwide coverage, serving all of Australia without remote area limitations. Suitable for e-commerce small parcels with a maximum weight of 22 kilograms and a maximum length of 105 centimeters. Offers stable delivery timelines.

  • FASTWAY: Part of the Aramex group, Fastway operates a well-established delivery network in Australia with a long-standing brand history. Known for stable delivery timelines in urban areas, it meets the ordering requirements of most platforms. Suitable for e-commerce small parcels and FBA goods with a maximum weight of 22 kilograms, a maximum length of 120 centimeters, and a combined length and girth of 90 centimeters.

  • TOLL: A well-known delivery company in Australia, Toll boasts a strong brand presence and excellent delivery timelines. Suitable for single items weighing over 22 kilograms and with a maximum length exceeding 120 centimeters.

  • In-house Truck Delivery: Seamless connections across core port cities throughout Australia are made possible through our in-house inter-state truck fleet. This service is ideal for single shipments or individual items with substantial weight and oversized dimensions. It offers excellent delivery timelines and cost-effectiveness.

Specific Requirements for Truck Dispatch:

1) The single ticket weighs more than 200kg.

2) Within 30KM from our warehouses in Australia.

3) The delivery area is the industrial address.

4) The recipient has a forklift to unload the goods.

5) If the industrial address is beyond 30km and 80km, the dispatching fee is AUD150 or AUD0.8/kg.

6) At present, the sea and air transport trunk lines all go to SYD, and the transportation cost between two neighboring states except SYD is AUD150 or AUD0.4/kg, and the interstate transportation cost is AUD150 or AUD0.8/kg.

7) If the address of the recipient is residential or business district, a single inquiry is required. From the normal addition of AUD100/ ticket. The fee of delivery to SYD/MEL/BNE/ADL/PER depends on the weight and distance of the goods

8) If the consignee cannot provide forklift for unloading, special vehicle dispatching fee and time consumption fee shall be added.

AUD100/ ticket. Need a single inquiry.

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