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Land Freight Forwarding

Land Freight Forwarding

Land freight forwarding, also known as road freight forwarding, involves the transportation of goods over land using trucks, vans, or other road vehicles. It is a vital aspect of logistics and supply chain management, especially for domestic or regional shipments within a country or across neighboring countries.

Land Freight Forwarding Comprehensive Quotation

Australia Land Freight (Special offer for small packages) - General Cargo
Delivery CityHandling fee (yuan/piece)freight (yuan/kg)aging/working dayweight limitproduct code
Area 1 query22.0058.008-1050g-10KGYR1
Area 2 query25.0060.0010-1250g-10KG
Area 3 query32.0064.0012-1550g-10KG
Australia Land Freight (Special offer for small packages) - With Electric/Magnetic Items
Delivery CityHandling fee (yuan/piece)freight (yuan/kg)aging/working dayweight limitproduct code
Area 1 query22.0062.008-1050g-10KGYR3
Area 2 query25.0064.0010-1250g-10KG
Area 3 query32.0068.0012-1550g-10KG

Land Freight Forwarding Specific Terms

Billing MethodActual weight is used for billing, with a minimum charge of 50g. Volumetric weight is calculated using the formula: Length (cm) × Width (cm) × Height (cm) / 6000.
Weight LimitMaximum weight per individual package is 10kg.
Size LimitThe longest side should not exceed 105cm, and the perimeter (sum of the two shortest sides) should be ≤90cm. The volume should be ≤0.16m³.
For parcels declared at a value below AUD1000, no GST (Goods and Services Tax), customs duties, or customs handling fees will be incurred. (If the declared value is significantly lower than the actual value, it may result in higher punitive customs duties; the specific amount will be determined by the destination country's customs.) For parcels declared at a value above AUD1000, GST and import duties will apply, along with an import customs declaration fee of AUD105. The import duties vary based on the type of product and are collected at a rate of 15%. There is also a handling fee of AUD150 per ticket. In case of customs inspection, customers need to promptly provide relevant sales invoices, transaction records, or product descriptions for verification by customs. This may incur storage fees and inspection charges, with the actual costs determined by the destination country's bill.
Return PolicyIf delivery is unsuccessful, and the recipient does not collect the parcel from the designated post office within the specified time (around 7 days), the parcel will be returned to our Yaxiang Australia warehouse. Returns can either be destroyed or resent; there is no service for returning parcels to China. Note: In case of address errors, recipient refusals, or other reasons causing unsuccessful delivery and return, a return fee of AUD10 per item will be incurred, which the customer is responsible for. If reshipment is required, the cost is AUD20 per item (within 25kg). If the goods remain in our warehouse for more than 60 days after the return, Yaxiang will destroy the items and charge additional destruction fees.
Compensation Terms:Lost items before departure from China will be compensated based on the declared value and the shipping fee will be refunded, with a maximum compensation amount of 100 CNY per item.
Lost items after departure and before final delivery will be compensated based on the declared value, without a refund of the shipping fee, with a maximum compensation amount of 100 CNY per item. Customs inspections causing damage or delays are not compensated, and no compensation is provided for delayed delivery or damaged parcels. Note: Queries can be submitted within 15 natural days after receipt. Claims can be made if the package has not been updated for over 30 days after pickup abroad (excluding delivery failures, arrival for pick-up, etc.).
Prohibited and Restricted ItemsPure electric products, airborne prohibited items such as liquid powders, food, solid wood and bamboo products, unprocessed animal and plant dry goods, used personal items, counterfeit and imitation goods, spray containers, liquid alcohol, asbestos, lighters, medical waste, toxic substances, corrosive substances, securities, counterfeit money, drugs, dry ice, flammable and explosive items, obscene items, magnetic items exceeding standards, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, soluble paints, and other items prohibited for mailing under local laws. If parcels are falsely declared, the customer bears the losses and legal responsibilities. For a reference list of prohibited items, please refer to Australian Customs: link.
The above quotes do not include other possible expenses, such as customs inspection fees, etc. The final confirmation will be based on the notice from the local customs.
Special NoteOnce the customer agrees to accept our company's services, it is considered that the customer has thoroughly read the contents of this price list note and our consignment terms, and accepts the terms and conditions.

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