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NVOCC Service

NVOCC Service

As a prominent player in the logistics industry, Asiafly provides comprehensive NVOCC services including non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) shipping and logistics solutions. Our experienced team ensures seamless transportation and efficient management of your goods. With Asiafly as your trusted partner, you can expect reliable and cost-effective NVOCC service backed by our state-of-the-art technology and global network. Choose Asiafly for your shipping needs and experience the essence of successful logistics.

What is an NVOCC Service? 

NVOCC stands for Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier. An NVOCC service is a type of shipping service provided by companies that do not own or operate their own vessels. These companies enter into volume-based contracts with shipping lines to buy space on vessels and then sell space to shippers in smaller amounts.

How Does an NVOCC Service Work? 

An NVOCC service works by consolidating smaller shipments from multiple shippers into a full container load. This allows shippers with smaller volumes of cargo to take advantage of the lower shipping rates that are usually only available to shippers with larger volumes.

What are the Benefits of Using an NVOCC Service? 

The main benefits of using an NVOCC service include cost savings, flexibility, and convenience. NVOCCs can offer lower rates due to their ability to consolidate shipments, and they often provide more flexible scheduling options than traditional carriers. Additionally, NVOCCs handle all aspects of the shipping process, making it more convenient for shippers.

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