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Sydney Freight Shipping

Sydney Freight Shipping

Asiafly Sydney Freight Forwarding Service is a comprehensive logistics solution provider based in Sydney, Australia. We specialize in handling the transportation and forwarding of goods, catering to a wide range of industries and businesses. Our services include international shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution, ensuring seamless and efficient movement of cargo to and from Sydney. With a commitment to reliability, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, Asiafly Sydney Freight Forwarding Service is your trusted partner for all your freight and logistics needs in the Sydney region and beyond.

Sydney Warehouse Address

Serial NumberWarehouse NameAreaWarehouse CodeZip CodeAddress
1FBASydneyBWU1217023 Centenary Ave, Moorebank, NSW 2170, AU
2FBASydneyBWU2217813 Emporium Avenue 2178 - Kemps Creek, NSW
3FBASydneyXAU22142Warehouse A, 19 Berry Street, Granville, Sydney NSW, 2142, AU
4WinitSydneyWINIT-SYD2142C/O Warehouse 2, 54 Ferndell St South Granville 2142 AU
5BFESydneyCK1-SYD2211warehouse 6 45-53 davies road, padstow, nsw 2211
64PXSydney4PX-SYD2143G2/391 Park Road, Regents Park, NSW 2143 AU
7OrangeConnexSydneyCL-SYD2143Block A1, 391 Park Rd, Regents Park, NSW AU 2143
8GoodcangSydneyGC-SYD2163C/O 2B/246 Miller Road Villawood NSW 2163

Sydney Freight Shipping Comprehensive Quotation

Australia Air Dispatch (Tax Included)
Zone11-100KG101KG+301KG+501KG+Delivery Time (Working Days)Product Code
1st Zone36353434.58-10YX1
2nd Zone40393837.510-12
3rd Zone4544434212-15
Ordering Channel: Australia Air Dispatch (Tax Included) - General Cargo
Australia Air Dispatch (Tax Included) - With Electric/Magnetic Goods
Zone11-100KG101KG+301KG+501KG+Delivery Time (Working Days)Product Code
1st Zone454443.5438-10YX3
2nd Zone4948474610-12
3rd Zone5453525112-15
Ordering Channel: Australia Air Dispatch (Tax Included) - With Electric/Magnetic Goods

Sydney Freight Shipping Specific Terms

NotesAdditional fee of +2 CNY/KG for wooden products, other product names have no additional fees.
Full tracking available. For electric goods, MSDS.UN38.3 and battery report are required. If the battery report cannot be provided, an additional fee of 1 CNY/KG, minimum 50 CNY per report, is applicable.
Billing method: Based on actual weight and volumetric weight (Length cm × Width cm × Height cm / 6000), charged at the greater of the two. Minimum chargeable weight per item is 8 KG. 3.1 Delivery requirements for Australia local delivery:
Australian local delivery requirementsDelivery Method 1 (No additional fee):
Delivery Method 2 (No additional fee):
Oversized item delivery (Additional fee applies):
Truck Delivery Requirements Beyond Courier Service Limitsa. Single shipment weight must be 200 KG. If the weight is below 200 KG, an additional delivery fee of AUD 95 applies.
b. Intercontinental transport fee for crossing zones, minimum charge AUD 150/AUD 0.5/kg (This fee applies only to truck delivery services in the ADL region).
c. Regular-sized items (individual weight < 30 KG, longest side < 120 cm) within 60 KM distance have no additional delivery fee. Beyond 60 KM, additional fees apply, please inquire for details.
d. Irregular-sized items (individual weight ≥ 30 KG, longest side ≥ 120 cm) are charged based on the delivery distance, referring to our truck delivery fee table (0 KM-30 KM AUD 65/pallet Min AUD 95, 30 KM-60 KM AUD 75/pallet Min AUD 110).
e. No additional fees for overweight or oversize items when using our truck delivery service.
f. For special oversized weight, size items, and distances beyond 60 KM from our overseas warehouse, please inquire separately.
For overweight and oversize items, self-pickup is available at our warehouses in Australia. Warehouse addresses are as follows:(Sydney) (Air Freight) 39-43 Warren Ave, Bankstown NSW 2200; (Sea Freight) 9-15 Alfred Rd, Chipping Norton NSW 2170
(Melbourne) 85 Northgate Dr, Thomastown VIC 3074
(Brisbane) 30 Woomera Pl, Archerfield QLD 4108
(Adelaide) 22-26 Alfred Ave, Beverley SA 5009
(Perth) 9 Ferguson St, Kewdale WA 6105
Return relatedIf delivery is unsuccessful and the recipient does not collect the parcel from the designated post office within the specified time (around 7 days), the parcel will be returned to our warehouse in Australia. Returns can be either destroyed or resent; there is no service to return the items to China. Note: For address errors, recipient refusals, or other reasons causing unsuccessful delivery and return, a return fee of 50 CNY per item will be incurred, which the customer is responsible for. If reshipment is required, the cost is 50 CNY for the first 0.5 KG and 10 CNY for each additional 0.5 KG. If the goods remain in our warehouse for more than 60 days after the return, we will destroy the items and charge additional destruction fees.
Compensation termsLost items before departure from China will be compensated at 40 CNY/KG and the shipping fee will be refunded.
Lost items after departure and before final delivery will be compensated at 40 CNY/KG without a refund of the shipping fee. Customs inspections causing damage or delays are not compensated, and no compensation is provided for delayed delivery or damaged parcels. Note: Queries can be submitted within 15 natural days after receipt. Claims can be made if the package has not been updated for over 30 days after pickup abroad (excluding delivery failures, arrival for pick-up, etc.).
Prohibited and restricted itemsAll items with batteries (including any products with built-in batteries, pure batteries, battery accessories), liquids, powders, and other items prohibited for air transportation, food, solid wood and bamboo products, unprocessed animal and plant dry goods, used personal items, counterfeit and imitation goods, spray containers, liquid alcohol, asbestos, lighters, medical waste, toxic substances, corrosive substances, securities, counterfeit money, drugs, dry ice, flammable and explosive items, obscene items, magnetic items exceeding standards, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, soluble paints, and other items prohibited by local laws for mailing. If parcels are falsely declared, the losses and legal responsibilities will be borne by the customer. For the list of prohibited items, please refer to the Australian Customs website: link
The above quotes do not include other possible expenses, such as customs inspection fees, etc. The final bill from local customs will prevail.
Special NoteOnce the customer agrees to accept our services, it is considered that the customer has read the contents of this price list note and our consignment terms in detail and accepts the terms and conditions.

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